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Anonymous asked:

If Glee is truly doing a love interest for Rachel I'm forever done with the show. Cause apart from the finn tribute episode they have done nothing about Finn & spent their time trying to push replacement after replacement on the viewer. Rachel eye fucked sam 1 ep after Finns ep then Mercedes tells her why aren't you dating like a couple of months after finn & it's time to let your dead bf go. Glee says it loves finn/cory but fucks him over all the time.


They don’t love him if they did they wouldn’t have done all this to him and his character. 

Glee never loved Cory or Finn anon and Cory knew it:

They treated his character like garbage while he was alive, made him suffer through all the relentless bullying of the fans for stupid things they wrote Finn to do. Based on this passed season and the final episodes of S4 when Cory went into rehab, they’ve arrogantly proclaimed Finn was irrelevant to the show even though he was the friggin lead and a major reason glee was a huge success. Glee is suffering more now without him and the cast proved they can’t replace what he did/make up for it and carry on without him. Chord will NEVER be Cory as well as Darren will NEVER be Cory. Glee isn’t glee without Finn Hudson period. But you know what these a**holes are getting what they deserve as the ratings continue to plummet lol.

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