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Why Ryan Murphy Must Be Stopped @ No BullScript Consulting



Excerpts from article written July 2011 by Danny Manus, development executive, script consultant and Hollywood insider:

"When Ryan Murphy creates something, he’s a visionary. He has this twisted yet relatable commercial sensibility to him that connects to pop culture beautifully – most likely because he’s such a fan of pop culture himself. He has this ability to create a WORLD that most of us are aware of already, but take it to this whole other wonderful place…

But then he seems to lose sight of his vision and get wrapped up in his own self-importance and self-aggrandizing bullshit (or maybe just the gobs of money rolling in), and like the Godzilla of Showrunners attacking his own Japanese City, he ruins the world he creates for the rest of us.

"Case in point. I was a HUGE Nip/Tuck fan. And right before the last season of the show, I got to work as an executive on a movie with Nip/Tuck star Dylan Walsh. We all went out to dinner one night after shooting and I nonchalantly asked him about the show. As any fan will tell you, the first 2 seasons of that show were pure fucking brilliance. The third season was GOOD but started going off the rails, and by season 5 it was almost painfully unwatchable.

So, I asked Dylan what happened to Season 5 (the penultimate season) and he basically said that everyone was unhappy and wanted off the show and hated the material, but they couldn’t leave, and that came across on screen.  Even Ryan Murphy himself has said that the last two seasons of Nip/Tuck were awful because he hated the actors and the actors hated him and the writers fucked it up.

"And now this Glee Machine – which could have run for 7 seasons, will now be cancelled after 4 or 5 (mark my words). Why? Because instead of doing the smart thing and stretching the timeline of high school to keep the show and its stars intact (having each season being HALF a school year instead of a full year for instance or switching it up and fudging the timelines), he’s decided to get rid of most of the main characters of the show after season 3.

Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith (so far) have already been given their walking papers a full season before their departure – which should make shooting this 3rd season NOT awkward at all. Dead Actors Walking…

But he’s not done. I promise, many other actors are going to get cut from the show and they just don’t know it yet. There’s no way to keep the rest of them and NOT these 3 as they are ALL pretty much the same age. And his idea to keep Matthew Morrison (the weak link of the show) and make him the focal point instead of the kids is a big mistake. And then – just to show his polished and performed actors currently on the show that ANYONE can do their jobs so shut the fuck up and stop complaining – he launches the Glee Project Reality Show to find the show’s new star.

If I was a star on Glee, this would make me furious.”

"And someone needs to stop Murphy from doing promotions because every time he opens his mouth, he RUINS something we love and makes his actors feel 6 inches tall – which is what he did on Nip/Tuck and it backfired horribly."

"Even Ryan Murphy himself has said that the last two seasons of Nip/Tuck were awful because he hated the actors and the actors hated him and the writers fucked it up.”

For those who said I shouldn’t have called Ryan a bully I rest my case. Also if you still think he don’t have anything against Chris, think again.

Yep this is clear evidence that Ryan’s bullying of Cory as well as Chris is not f**king in my damn mind! Dylan just said Ryan hated his actors on Nip/Tuck, well if that’s the case I’m pretty sure he has his favorites and those he detests on glee and I’ve got an idea on which individuals are his pride n joys. So all that crap about “we’re such a family” is a total bunch of BS. The Glee Project was a slap in the face to the glee stars and that whole graduation controversy sh*t was ridiculous; there was no need for any of it!

During graduation gate there were all these articles about a dispute going on between Ryan Murphy and Cory, about how unhappy Cory and his castmates (not sure which ones but I can guess) were and Murphy threatening to fire him after so many episodes. And then Cory refuted everything when S3 premiered but suddenly his screentime was noticeably decreased?? Oh and how could I forget the disaster of S4 where he and Chris (who were two of the shows biggest stars and strongest actors) were barely in it and Cory appeared physically ill as the episodes went on yet Ryan did NOTHING until it was too late! 

So yah anyone trying to defend that piece of trash is just as cruel and douchy as he is. I believe he hated Cory and took it out on him by directing that hate towards Finn; influencing how he was written overall. I don’t know how much Ryan dislikes Chris, it certainly doesn’t show onscreen how much he adores him but I’d say his grudges against Chris are more about jealousy than hate.

jakibros replied to your post:jakibros replied to…

I get it. Sometimes the hole is incredibly deep and just seems too hard to climb out. Been there… was still off and on a little while back. Got my parrots and life is better now.

The difference between you and me is I don’t want life to get better not anymore. I don’t like this world its full of shit; hate, violence, prejudices, ignorance, discrimination, femininazism, fighting between genders, races and sexual orientations etc. Not everyone gets friends, I’m living proof of that.

And above all I completely despise myself. Why should I go on pretending I’m okay and everything’s dandy? Why should I be part of this place when this place doesn’t want me? Even the social media sucks because they either want to bully you, see you fail or want none of your emotional baggage. Everyone lies and pretends. I don’t want to be that anymore.

Everything from entertainment and the internet is merely a distraction for what will ultimately happen so there really isn’t any point in forming attachments. I don’t like this world its ugly but I hate myself even more.

Losing followers but I don’t care. This is who I am and how I am.This place is all I have to vent at and if you can’t handle/accept that then please gtfo.

I don’t need your judgement or your crap about what a weakling I am. You obviously think you’re better than me but I don’t give a sh*t.

englishrose1980 said: My daughter’s name is Chloe too btw and you shouldn’t hate yourself. You are beautiful inside and out so please stop being so hard on yourself. You would be amazed at the amount of people that love you. 💗

No one loves me cause that’s just the way it is. I’m always going to lose and be alone. If you knew me in person you wouldn’t be anything but disgusted. No matter what anyone says I will never like myself or think I wasn’t a mistake because I am. It’s never going to get better and no everyone can’t be saved so I wish people would stop trying. 

The only thing I look forward to is the end because that’s all I have. I don’t want to be this person, don’t want to be in this body and breath another day on this earth. Everything I do and say is wrong because I’m wrong! You can’t fix what is broken and I don’t want to be fixed or healed I want to be gone.

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